I’ve always classified myself as one of those workaholic professionals who find contentment and meaning after a hard, productive day of work. The more I push myself, the better I feel. Yes, I’m one of those.

Despite having much freelance work, I often used to bring my day job’s work home and continue to work throughout the night, on weekends, and holidays too; although no employer asked or expected me to. In fact I made sure they did not even find out. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I valued more the liberty of it being my own choice.

My last job gave me a lot more than I expected out of it. I learnt more than I knew I even could. Naturally, I started giving back more than ever. It was a happy equation. I didn’t think it could get any better, but I was wrong.

As happy as I was, and the amazing opportunities I had; after a couple years I started feeling something was missing. I wanted to push myself in more ways but for the longest time I couldn’t identify how. When a friend of mine said what I was probably too afraid to even think out loud, my response was as natural as it could possibly be..

“What?! Start a company? Are you kidding me? ME?”
“Who am I to run a company? I don’t know anything!”
“What will I do? Who will ever give work to me? and why?”
“I don’t have any experience. Smart people run companies not someone like me..”

..and so much, so much more.

There were many doubts, and many reasons, to justify against the idea. I took a long time battling the dilemma. With time though, and with the right support, I learnt that all those doubts and reasons were nothing but excuses. I was merely scared. The biggest challenge all along was to stop undermining myself and take that first leap of faith. Finally, Artboard was initiated.

Now that the ship is successfully adrift, I’m realizing that this new journey has its own set of obstacles; it’s not so easy to keep the positive energy flowing at all times. I do let myself down, more often than I’d care to admit, but I’m also learning and you bet I’m enjoying like never before! It is an emotional roller coaster, but it’s a hell of an awesome ride!

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