Good Boss VS Bad Boss

What was Missing?

The answer is Emotional Culture. What was missing from the two organizations I mentioned earlier was connection. The leaders of the organization were mere bosses who were responsible for handing out the paychecks at the end of the month, and not much more really. There was no bigger company mission at play, no realization of individual motivations, or even a deliberate company culture.

Why is it Important?

Fast forward a few years, the most amazing part of one the best places I worked at was its community. It was really what made us special and stand out, and achieve so much more than our competitors. The more amazing part was how it got created. We never even planned to create it — but it didn’t just happen, it was a bi-product of how the leader of our organization treated the team and other beneficiaries. She didn’t believe in hierarchy and wasn’t afraid of giving, or asking for help.

What can be improved?

  1. Achieve Emotional Proximity
    Leaders can’t always be physically available to speak to each of their team members, however they can still work to achieve mental or emotional proximity which means getting close, gaining trust, listening well, getting personal, and promoting dialogue. Achieving these values improves retention, loyalty and endorses a sense of care.
  2. Establish a Culture of Helping
    A helping culture will reduce the dependency on management to fix issues all the time and create ownership amongst employees which can benefit the organization in numerous ways.
  3. Play More
    Every employee is a human first, and learning is always more fun and easy through play. If your employees start associating your workplace as a place where they get positive energy from, they will be twice as productive with their work.
Good Boss vs Bad Boss



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